Friday, July 9, 2010

I've Got a Coupon

Let me first state that i've been out of the "dating game" for a very long time so i'm sending this out to all of you single men and women that might be reading this blog for your input...

Imagine it ladies; you go out to a nice dinner with a good looking guy for a first date. The conversation is decent, between the normal awkward silent moments. You think there might be possibility for future meetings. The check is delivered and after reviewing it your date flags the waitress down to hand over his credit card; than as she's walking away he stops her;

"MISS!!, I almost forgot, I've got a COUPON!"

Ladies, I pose the question; Is is alright for a guy to pay for your first date meal with a coupon?

Guys, Is it ok for you to swallow your pride in todays economic state to present a coupon with your payment?

Beyond that let's take it one step more; what if not only a coupon is going to be brandished but what if your date requested you only order from a choice of one or two items on the menu because that is all that the coupon will cover?

How about if it was for a free appetizer?

Does this show class or economic savvy? Or is it just a prequel to how cheap he is and any future relationship will be nickel and dimed to death?

Final thoughts; would it be more acceptable to go "dutch" than to use a coupon? And in the natural progression of a relationship is there ever a time when it's ok to use a coupon to pay for a date?

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