Friday, July 16, 2010

The Barter System

I think I would like the Barter system. I can't ever seem to make enough money to satisfy my desires; but i'll bet I could make more chickens than i'd ever want!

The problem is that I would probably still feel overworked and underpaid; I can see it now...

"Nathan, I need a light installed over my sink."

"OK..." I proceed to crawl through his dingy hot attic cause the guy didn't want to throw in the extra goat to get proper ventilation installed. I cut in the hole, pull the wire hook it up to and old style screw type fuse box and get shocked in the process (two bales of hay would have upgraded to a breaker box). I cut in the switch and put it on a nice dimmer control, just because I can! I stand there dusty, sweating with electrical burns on my hand; "There you go Mister Finster, what do you think."

"Well you tracked old insulation all over my floor and I was trying to read when my lights flickered while something was making a strange grunting noise, and it doesn't quite seem like the dimmer dims the light to romantic enough levels... You can have my three legged dog and that old gas can out back. I'll call you next week when i'm ready to hook up my pool"!!

Yeah, never mind. I'll stick to good ol' green backs!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone, it's payday!

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  1. Hello friend,
    I also think tyat barter would be a good method of transaction.
    Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also done the same to your nice and interesting blog.
    Let's keep in touch.

  2. Electrical work is like true love: it never goes quite smoothly. Hope this weekend you get to enjoy some of that well-earned pay.