Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Slept Like a Baby!

We've got rain today in Colorado; one of those misty drizzling rains that stick around all day and make everything a little dreary. You have to understand that we are just not used to days like this. We live in Colorado partly because it's the ADD state.

Hey look a shiny object... I'll be right back...

Yes, the entire state of Colorado has a short attention span; haven't you ever heard the saying, "if you don't like the weather in Colorado wait five minutes"? Well it's true; even the weathermen here in Colorado have a very high success average. It's easy because pretty much any day they can say "it'll be partly sunny." And it will be. According to we get 300 days of sunshine per year;  interspersed in those days we get wind, rain, snow, cold, heat, and every other form of weather possible. 

Oh yeah, i'm getting off track, need to refocus here. (See, I told you we have ADD).

What was this blog about? Sleeping...

So here it is a dreary morning, i've got my Americano in hand and everyone else on my crew has barely dragged themselves into work half awake because no one knows how to react to the climate change probably caused either by global warming or the oil spill in the gulf. All of us that is except one young man...

Our well slept apprentice made the statement, "Ah, I slept like a baby last night", with an evil wide smile on his face.  Even his "chipperness" was annoying to everyone in the room. Jerry obviously doesn't have kids because if he did he would have never made that most annoying statement known to parents. Of course I knew that he was implying that he slept sound and pleasant and peacefully. But as a parent of two; one of which had colic I know that a baby sleeps sound for oh about... 2 HOURS!! Which in turn means that us, the precious creatures' parents also only sleep in two hour spurts. I don't know about you but to me that isn't peaceful, restful or pleasant. So please from now on if you feel you absolutely must make a statement about having a restful nights sleep and rub it into everyones nose, make sure it's accurate.

How about "I slept like a teenage boy", or a "BP executive". Either one of those can sleep through a day of yard work, test taking and alleged oil spilling; where any other human being would feel slightly guilty to the point of wanting to help in some way!! 

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